Top Brands of Baseball Bats


Easton is a baseball and softball goods store based out of Thousand Oaks, California in the United States. They have been around for over 4 decades and have been dedicated to the safety and support of baseball and softball players alike. Their website boasts BBCOR and USSSA certified bats with the ability to pre-order the 2018 editions. BBCOR bats on this site range from $59.95 to $449.95. They are currently the official sponsors for almost ninety different schools and teams. The company slogan is “Engineered for Glory.” With the wide array of products to choose for and educational videos on how to select the right bat for you, we could not agree more.


Louisville Slugger


Louisville Slugger is a company owned by Hillerich & Bradsby. Around for 132 years so far, this store started because a woodworker’s son saw that a star player from a local team broke his bat and took that as an opportunity to build the perfect bat. This bat was used the next game and lead to 3 hits. Now, sixty percent of bats that are used by major league players come from this company.  Louisville sure knows their equipment. With such a wide array of products, it is almost a surprise that only nine bats come up when searching “BBCOR.” Louisville Slugger’s BBCOR baseball bats range in price from $79.96 to $449.95. Other features on this site allow full customization of various bats. With so many of them being wood, it takes away a bit of the initial surprise that there are not more that are BBCOR certified. Also, this site has three different categories of bats: baseball, fastpitch, and slow-pitch. Louisville Slugger also features a section on how to choose a bat that is best for you on their site.



DeMarini Sports


DeMarini Sports, Incorporated is a sporting goods company based out of Hillsboro, Oregon. It was founded in 1989 by the company’s namesake, Ray DeMarini. They fall under the Wilson Sporting Goods umbrella, but are the youngest of the brands on this list. On their website, DeMarini features 31 BBCOR bats. These bats range in price from $79.96 (on sale) to $449.95. These are high end bats designed by people that care. What makes these bats unique is their double walled bats, which came out in the mid-nineties. Their products feature names like “Voodoo,” “Insane,” and “Diablo,” which can give you an idea on how intense their products are. Most of their designs feature bright, elaborate details and colors. You will stand out with these bats. Like Louisville Slugger, this site features three different bat sections: baseball, fastpitch, and slow-pitch.




Rawlings is a sporting equipment manufacturer. They are currently based out of St. Louis, Missouri and have been around for 130 years. Founded by two brothers, they did not even start with baseball products, but football related merchandise. There are five bats on this site that are considered BBCOR certified. In terms of price, they range from $79.99 to $399.95. Rawlings is known more for their baseball glove, especially by those in the major leagues. Browsing the site, you can see the several colleges that utilize Rawlings products, as well as Major League Baseball players that have Rawlings as their number one choice. Rawlings also started the Rawlings Gold Glove Award almost six decades ago to recognize those that were considered “the finest in the field.”


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