Jason Darlo

BatsFinder.com is owned and ran by Jason Darlo, who has been a sports reporter for over ten years. He built this site so that people who love baseball can find pro-level opinions on choosing the most trustworthy and safest baseball bat to assist them in the game. This site provides freshest reviews, suggestions, tips, and buying guides of baseball bats.

How It Started

Long before Jason’s current job as a sports journalist, he used to be a player of Little League for 3 years. In the last game of his player career, Jason was seriously injured and therefore unable to continue the season back then. Later, his doctor told him that he should quit baseball playing to avoid permanent disability. That’s when Jason leaves the Little League.

However, Jason did not cease his love for baseball. He continued to focus on baseball and then got a chance to make him a sports reporter in 2003. He’s been researching on baseball bats for many years, especially BBCOR bats because he knows exactly how important to have a baseball bat that can minimize the chances of accidental injury. He turns his love for baseball into gathering, studying and sharing baseball bats information and he hopes that his early experience in Little League can be of more value in helping people buying baseball bats.

Currently, Jason is a sports reporter while helping his brother running a baseball bat store in Cincinnati. He still plays baseball with his boy from time to time.