A BBCOR bat is more than just an acronym, it is a newer standard in baseball bats that are mandated for use in high school or college baseball. BBCOR, or Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, bats are typically made from composite materials instead of wood, but are designed to perform like one.

These bats are supposed to make baseball safer for everyone. The former standard was changed due to the dangerous speeds, increased scoring opportunities, and for overall performance.


How do you know if your bat is BBCOR certified? What should you be looking for? Let’s look deeper into BBCOR Baseball Bats.




Top 10 Best BBCOR Baseball Bats Comparison Table 2017


DeMarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball Bat

Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat
Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat
Baum Bat- AAA Pro Wood Composite Baseball Bat (33 Standard Knob)
Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat
Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat
Louisville Slugger Solo 617 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat
DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball Bat
Louisville Slugger Prime 917 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat
Easton BB17ZSW Zcore Speed White -3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat



Top 10 Rated BBCOR Baseball Bats Reviews 2017

There are several BBCOR (Bat Ball Coefficient of Restitution) bats you can find on Amazon.com, and some of them might suit what you are looking for instead of others.


The material, weight distribution and prices are vital information people constantly check at the time of buying a BBCOR bat, and we have taken care of that by providing you with the most accurate information.


If you have been looking for the best 10 BBCOR bats of 2017, here you can see some of their qualities and price, so you can decide between what suits you best.


1)  DeMarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball Bat

A) Specs

This baseball bat can cost $299.99 to $449.99. This is a composite two pieces baseball bat. You will have a year warranty with this baseball bat. Its weight can vary depending on its length – from 31’’/ 28 oz. to 34’’/31 oz.


This can be used by college players, but it is the appropriated one for major league players. Its red, black, white and grey colors make this bat a very aesthetic and attractive option at the time of buying.


B) Pros

The material this baseball bat is made of is great for baseball bats because it gives more balance to the player, and it almost eliminates the uncomfortable vibrations on the hands after powerfully hitting a ball.


The DeMarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR bat has a lot of pop, and it is something you can see from the moment you buy it. Its thin grip makes it really comfortable to handle. Its barrel creates a powerful feeling at the time of redirecting the energy used in the hit back again to it.


Compared to the ones delivered by DeMarini last year, it presents a better quality of material, showing how DeMarini is constantly trying to improve and create better items each year.


C) Cons

The first disadvantage we can find is a really high price. But this price is the equivalent to all the features this bat has. Because of the composite, it requires a long time for breaking in the bat before using it. You can break in the bat by practicing hitting a real baseball ball up to 150 to 250 times. This is the only way of ensuring a good performance with this bat.


If you are a short ranged player, then this is not the ideal one for you, this bat was designed for powerful and balanced swings.


D) Verdict

The technology the DeMarini CF Zen Balanced offers players is one of a great balance. Its price, durability and performance it guarantees players make this baseball bat one of the best of 2017.



2) Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat



A) Specs

This baseball bat is made of alloy. Its cost goes from $149.50 to $249.99. This is a one-piece bat – perfect for shot ranged players.


The Marucci Cat 6 has developed an anti-vibration technology which guarantees the perfect control of the bat, even after hitting.


B) Pros

When it is about alloy baseball bats, the majority of the times a high price stands for a higher-quality and more durable bat than those with lower prices. In this case, the investment you could do by buying this bat would mean saving a lot because you will not need a new bat for a long time.


Because of being a one piece bat, is usually more balanced than the two-pieces one. The stability and balance this type of bats give players makes their performance increase in a huge level. Its grip allows an easy and soft handling of the bat. It has a great pop people love.


C) Cons

The only downside about a one piece bat is that it does not eliminate the so uncomfortable vibration when hitting a ball.


D) Verdict

This is one of the best BBCOR bats you may find this year. It is really affordable, and you will see how durable it can be.



3) Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

A) Specs

This is a baseball bat made of alloy, and its price vary from $119.95 to $199.99. Its grip is made of a lizard skin, weight vary from 34’’/ 31 oz. to 29’’/26 oz, vivid colors make the Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 totally notable. This is a one piece baseball bat.


B) Pros

Its price makes of it a very affordable BBCOR bat and has earn its place on this list. The lizard skin of its grip makes it really easy to handle. This plus the very good distribution of its weight between the barrel, the end cap and the grip makes it one of the best options for baseball players to buy.


The high-quality of this baseball bat has been proven for many players. Maybe you will need to get use to its lightness at the beginning because it can be different for you from other baseball bats, but with practice and time, you will certainly gain control over it.


Its pop has made people love all the Louisville Slugger products. The lizard skin grip is also a new feature. The improvement this baseball bat offers is more than charming to any baseball player. A company who tries its best to increase the quality of its products year after year talks very good of itself.  Many people qualifies this as one of the best products Louisville Slugger has developed this year, and there is no reason to doubt it.


C) Cons

The performance a player can get with this bat is better if the hitting area is smaller to the one a two piece baseball bat would have. You have to remember these types of bats are essential for those short ranged or contact players.


D) Verdict

If you compare this item with other from earlier years, its lightness and durability have been increased a lot. These improvements are the main reason why this BBCOR bat is considered one of the best of this year.



4) Baum Bat- AAA Pro Wood Composite Baseball Bat (33 Standard Knob)

A) Specs

This is a wood composite baseball bat. It cost $239.99. The high-quality of this bat meets the highest standards players want and need. This bat can be used by anyone – high school, college or major league players.


B) Pros

Its price makes this BBCOR baseball bat easy to afford. All of the ones who have used it are being more than pleased with the stability it offers. The experience Baum Bats has – more than 22 years – guarantees they totally know what players want and are looking for, and they get to meet their needs with this bat which has received many positive critics.


Even though this is a wood composite baseball bat, do not underestimate the wood it has been made of. The quality of the wood is so high; it has been described by the designers as a 400 stronger than wood baseball bat. This will make your bat to last longer.


C) Cons

A downside could be that it has a 4 month warranty, but it does not matter actually because the durability of the Baum bats has always been recognized by people. Because it is a composite baseball bat, you have to remember you need to properly break it in before start using it on games.


Do not try to break it in hitting the floor or a tree, doing these things will damage the bat.


D) Verdict

This in one of the best BBCOR baseball bats of 2017 for several reasons. They have the experience of creating great bats since 1991, and the bats they create are always the best.



5) Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat

A)  Specs

This is a hybrid BBCOR baseball bat – made of alloy and of composite. The price of this bat vary between the $173.03 to the $315.55. This BBCOR bat is perfect for high school and college players.


Its weight vary between 31’’/28 oz. to 34’’/31 oz. and it is greatly distributed for allowing players to have a good and balanced performance. Its barrel is made of aluminum alloy, and its end cap of composite. This is a two-piece bat, great for potent swings and hits. Its striking colors are loved by people.


B) Pros

The first amazing thing about this bat is that it is a hybrid one; it has the best of both worlds. Hybrid bats are known to be really affordable and durable. This is a very good price compared to the bats totally made of only composite or only alloy you may find on Amazon.com.


C) Cons

There are no cons of using this bat, unless you are a player who does not like hybrid bats.


D) Verdict

This is the fifth product in our list because of these many reasons. Compared to the ones delivered on the last years (2016 and previous years) by this same brand, this is the first one with the composite end cap, a huge improvement which makes it one of the best bats.


For some, this will be the best bat of the entire list because there are tons of players who will never change a hybrid bat for a composite or alloy one. The benefits of lightness, pop, durability and comfortable design makes of this baseball bat one of the most loved and asked for.



6) Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

A) Specs

This is a composite baseball bat which can cost between $249.98 and $675. This is a two-piece bat, perfect for powerful hit players.


It is made of a TCT thermo composite technology, a material which offers few vibration on the hands at the time of hitting a ball and a great balance. Its cushioned hyper skin grip is really useful for a steady but soft handling of the bat.


B) Verdict

Even though this is a really expensive BBCOR baseball bat, the quality of material this bat is made of and the performance it offers players made of this one of the 2017 baseball bats.



7) Louisville Slugger Solo 617 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

A) Specs

This is an alloy bat which price varies between $140.48 and $339.99 – very affordable because of its quality. Just like the Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat, it has a lizard skin grip for an easy and comfortable handling. It is also a one piece bat, the right one at the moment of balanced swings. This bat also has a year warranty.


B) Verdict

The main differences between the Louisville Slugger Solo 617 and the Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 is that the Solo 617 is made of SL hyper alloy instead of ST 7U1 plus alloy and that the 517 is a totally balanced bat, instead of the Solo 617 which is a mostly balanced one.


Its durability will not make you need of another bat in some time, and that makes it one of the best bats of the year,



8) DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball Bat

A) Specs

This composite BBCOR baseball bat cost between $249.99 and $449.95, which is a good price for such a good quality bat. It has a 1 year warranty, but it surely will last much longer. This is a two piece bat.


B) Verdict

You will have powerful swings and hits because of the way the weight has been distributed across the bat. It is not as balanced as the DeMarini CF Zen, but more end loaded – a particular thing not everybody loves.


Because of the weight being concentrated at the end of the barrel, it is recommended for strong and muscular players.



9) Louisville Slugger Prime 917 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat

A) Specs

This BBCOR baseball bat cost between $249.95 and $399.95, a higher price than the other ones. Just like the other Louisville Slugger products, it also has a 1 year warranty.


B) Verdict

Instead of the other Louisville Slugger BBCOR baseball bats we have already seen, this one is made of composite. This means this bat needs a lot of breaking in before usage, instead of the other two. Another major difference is that this is a balanced three piece bat.


If you are not sure of how well can be your performance with this type of bats, then it is better if you do not purchase it.



10) Easton BB17ZSW Zcore Speed White -3 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

A) Specs

This is an alloy baseball bat which cost between $149.99 and $199.99. It is an end loaded bat, so muscular and strong people should be the ones able of using it for a better performance. It is made of Hyperlite matrix alloy material.


B) Verdict

A very durable a high-quality material. Because of the size of the barrel, any player will be able of performing quick and powerful swings and hits. You will not have the cumbersome problem of having to break in the bat before officially using it on your games.



We hope you found the exact BBCOR baseball bat you were looking for.




What Is BBCOR?

As stated above, BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. In layman’s terms, this means that the bat is typically checked to see how it hits the ball back. Instead of allowing an extreme bounce off the bat, sending the ball flying at dangerous speeds, BBCOR absorb some of the speed a little more than the former standard BESR, or Ball Exit Speed Ratio, did.


Ultimately, with the invention of composite bats and the use of non-wooden bats increasing, it became apparent that these new materials were allowing what is described as a “trampoline” effect when the ball hit due to the amount of give, or flex, they gave. This put anyone on the field in danger for injury, as the ball would increase in speed due to that bounce.


There were also increased numbers of home runs and other offensive advantages, which ultimately were unfair. Composite bats only take a couple practices to get to their peak performance level, or the after break-in point. BBCOR tests the bats after this point to guarantee that the bats will be safe even once there is a bit of wear and tear on them.


To lower the number on the BBCOR test (the lower the number, the less of the “trampoline effect” it will have), bat manufacturers had to make the barrel walls of the bat thicker. Making the barrel thicker gave less of a “flex” which meant that it had less of that spring-back. Some bat manufacturers will put rings that manage the level of flex that a ball has.


High school and college teams now mandate that BBCOR bats are used. Since these bats are designed to perform like wooden bats, most wooden bats can be used interchangeably during practices to get a similar feel. Most schools and teams started following this standard around 2012, outlawing the use of BESR exclusive bats.


However, most places would allow for a bat to be both BESR and BBCOR certified, although those were rare to find. Any bat that was not all wood, meaning made from just one piece of wood, have to be BBCOR certified for high schools and college teams. Major League Baseball, however, does not allow use of BBCOR bats, as bats are not allowed to be metal.


Some little leagues require BBCOR bats, but it is not a universal standard. So, if you’re heading out to baseball in high school or college, you’re going to want to make sure that you have an official BBCOR bat. If you’re headed to the major leagues, they aren’t letting you in with that bat. For all of the young baseball stars in training, you’ll want to check with your local league and coach for more details on what kind of bat is mandated there.

Anyone can take a bat and stick a BBCOR sticker on it. However, there are measures in place to ensure that bats that are supposed to be BBCOR are just that. Umpires are trained and expected to inspect each bat that is being used by high schoolers and college teams.


It is illegal to tamper with a bat to make it appear as though it fits the standard. If there is not a silkscreen, engravement, or embossment that says “BBCOR Certified .50” on the side of a bat, the umpire is allowed to throw that bat out.


Make sure you check your bat at the point of purchase to make sure that the BBCOR mark is clear and has not been tampered with. Otherwise, you could be out of a lot of money and in some serious trouble.



What to Look for When Choosing BBCOR Bats

1, Bat Materials and Their Advantages & Disadvantages

BBCOR bats can be made from all different types of materials. Typically, we see them being discussed as composite, but what about the other materials?

A hybrid BBCOR bat can be made from multiple different materials.

The most common combination is alloy and composite. To be a hybrid in general, there must be at least two different materials, usually with the barrel of the bat may be made of one material while the handle is another. These bats are supposed to be among the best of the best, as the combination of materials helps get the best of both worlds in many cases.

An advantage to getting a hybrid bat is that it can be significantly cheaper than a composite bat. It is not the cheapest bat on the market though. Many players love the sound that an aluminum alloy barrel makes, while also admiring the control that the composite handle gives them. The aluminum barrel also helps to absorb any vibration, allowing for better control and improved feel.

These bats are also typically more durable than some of their counterparts which gives a player a little more use for the money. Because there are two different materials in this bat, they are generally two-pieces, making them a little lighter to the player. One of the disadvantages of this bat is that it is still more expensive than an exclusively aluminum bat. Another disadvantage to hybrid bats is for the wooden bat lovers; the feel is much less like a wooden bat and can feel like there is less power behind than a one-piece bat.

Overall, this bat is loved by strong hitters.

Aluminum bats are typically one-piece bats that are simply made of aluminum. To state one downfall right off the bat, many manufacturers add in some other elements to the bat, so it may not be pure aluminum, but an aluminum alloy. Aluminum bats are typically one of the cheapest options. However, an aluminum alloy bat may cost more than an aluminum bat based on whatever elements are added to it and based on the quality of aluminum used.


What is great is how light aluminum bats are. However, aluminum alloy bats can be made heavier than composite bats, which could make it harder to swing. The ease of use of these bats can greatly benefit a player, with the lightness contributed to the power and speed behind a hit. These bats are known as “hot right out of the wrapper,” which means they do not require as much breaking in as some of their counterparts.


Inevitably, there is always a bit of flex behind these bats, but the BBCOR measures that. If you live in the north or in a colder area of the world, aluminum bats may get recommended to you since the temperature affects them less than another bat. Some of the disadvantages are that the aluminum bats tend to have smaller barrels and therefore require more accuracy from the player.


Since they can be made cheaply, a great player may go through multiple aluminum bats in a year. Aluminum will not crack as often or like their counterparts, however they do get dented, especially by hard-hitting players. This can make the longevity of the bat a little less than what an older, experienced baseball player would like.

Composite bats are the bats that come to mind most frequently when someone mentions a BBCOR bat.


These bats can be one or two pieces, unlike aluminum bats that are typically one piece. Composite bats are made from carbon materials and things like graphite, fiberglass, and plastic combinations. Occasionally, metal rods are added into the handles to weigh the bat down since these are the lightest BBCOR bats. They have been described to play similarly to wooden bats, but with a longer lifespan.


These bats can be compared to hybrid bats in terms of the amount of vibration they allow, which is very little. These bats typically have the largest barrels acceptable, making that sweet spot a little larger. Composite bats are known to have the most flex allowed for BBCOR bats. This typically makes them more durable than some other bats.


However, because of the materials that make composite bats up, these bats cannot be used in temperatures below mid-sixties (Fahrenheit). Instead of denting like aluminum, these bats will crack similarly to wooden bats when broken down or used in less than ideal temperatures. They also require a lot of break in before getting the hits that you may want. Before bringing this bat to a game, you will want to use it for multiple practices, especially to work out some of that trampoline effect that can be so dangerous.

After all of this discussion about other types of bats that may compare to wood, you would think that wooden bats were out. Wooden bats are still in.

These bats do not need to be BBCOR certified, although they are tested before games to make sure that they are the right hardness. These bats can be relatively cheap and easy to find, as there are more wooden bat companies than any other bat type.

However, you get what you pay for and may go through several wooden bats in a single season. These bats are heavier and stiffer, requiring more effort from a player. They are ultimately made for more skilled players. The one-piece structure for some wooden bats is something that some baseball players seek, as they like the feel better.

Wooden bats have to be hit a certain way to avoid cracking or splintering, which can be dangerous. There are several different types of wood bats, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you follow Major League Baseball standards, your wooden bat will have to be Maple, Birch, or Ash wood. Of the three, ash is the most flexible of the woods, maple is considered the strongest, and birch has the best of both worlds.


2, BBCOR Bat Dimensions

There are requirements for BBCOR certified bats. In terms of a length to weight ratio, the ratio can be no larger than -3 ounces.

What does this mean? Let’s consider the typical length of a BBCOR bat, which should be between 31 and 34 inches, although there are some that are a little smaller for those that are not vertically inclined. To determine the weight that is best for you, and is BBCOR compliant, you would subtract 3 from the number of inches in the bat you have chosen.


The number that you get is what the weight of your bat should be in ounces.

The barrel’s diameter must also be no larger than 2.625 inches, although it can be smaller.

The taper of the bat tends to differ from bat to bat.


Several sources say that it cannot extend beyond 18 inches past the knob of the bat. However, it is certain that there must be a BBCOR mark on the taper. The grip can extend 10 inches beyond the knob but should not exceed 18 inches, as outlined for wooden bats. The knob of the bat cannot be altered, but there are no specifics on dimension as of right now.


3, BBCOR Bat Construction

Construction of BBCOR bats are relatively specific and vary based on material and if they are one-piece or two-piece. Let us examine the construction based on piece level.

For a one-piece bat, the entire bat is made from just one piece of the given material- wood, aluminum, or composite. A two-piece bat is divided into two different sections for creation. These two sections are typically the handle and the barrel. Once each of these pieces is made from the given material, or materials, it must be bonded together with some type of adhesive or combining technique.

4, BBCOR Certification

In order for a bat to be BBCOR certified, it must be tested to see if, after break-in, the bat must have, at most, a .50 ball bat coefficient of restitution. This is what measures the “trampoline effect” that we discussed earlier in the article. High BBCOR rates are more dangerous. To know if your bat is certified, you must check the bat to see if it says “BBCOR Certified .50.” It will typically be on the bat in a way that is easy to know if it has been tampered with, including silk-screened, embossed, or engraved. If it looks like something has been re-adhered to your bat to say it is “BBCOR Certified,” there is a great chance that it is not. Always go with what looks legitimate and buy from trusted distributors.